Ms. Treynor’s appeals cases

The following is a non-comprehensive list of Ms. Treynor’s appeals cases

State v. Clay, 2011-Ohio-5086, CA2011-02-004 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

In re: Arnott, 2010-Ohio-5392, 190 Ohio App.3d 493, 942 N.E.2d 1124 (Ohio App. 4 Dist.) (reversed, presently on certified conflict to Ohio Supreme Court)

State v. Pointer, 2010-Ohio-5067 CA2010-03-003) (12th Dist) (affirmed)

Acus v. Acus, 2010-Ohio-856, CA2009-08-017 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Scott, 2009-Ohio-5067. CA2008-10-025 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Alkire, 2009-Ohio-2813, CA2008-09-023 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Arrone, 2009-Ohio-1730, CA2008-04-010 12th Dist.) (affirmed)

In re B.L., 2008-Ohio-6385, CA2008-05-013 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Howland, 2008-Ohio-521, CA2006-08-035 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

In re: J.H., 2008-Ohio-7079, CA 2007-07-016 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Pirpich, 2007-Ohio-6745, CA 2006-07-083 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

In re D.D., 2007-Ohio-4534, CA2007-04-024, -026 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Fairbanks, 2007-Ohio-4117, 172 Ohio App.3d 766, 876 N.E.2d 1293 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

Kirk v. Kirk, 2007-Ohio-3140, 172 Ohio App.3d 404, 875 N.E.2d 125 (3rd Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Robinson, 2007-Ohio-354, CA2005-11-029 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Stone, 2007-Ohio-127, CA2005-08-026 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Watson, 2007-Ohio-129, CA2005-12-038 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Taylor, 2006-Ohio5382, CA2006-02-007 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Buckley, 2006-Ohio-4322, CA2005-05-020 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Blanton, 2006-Ohio-3084, CA2005-04-016 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Linnik, 2006-Ohio-880, CA2004-06-015 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

In re I.R., 2005-Ohio-6622, 04AP1296 (10th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Coffey, 2005-Ohio-3512, CA200411038 (12th Dist.) (Anders brief)

State v. Combs, 2005-Ohio-1923, CA200003047 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Bender, 2005-Ohio-919, CA2004CA11 (2nd Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Gunn, 2004-Ohio-665, CA200310035 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

Wilson v. Redmond, 2004-Ohio-3910, CA200309033 (12th Dist.) (appellee’s brief) (affirmed)

State v. Smith, 2004-Ohio-1862, CA200301002 (12th Dist.) (Anders brief) affirmed)

State v. Wilson, 2004-Ohio-1711, CA200208018 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

State v. Johnson, 2003-Ohio-6261, CA200207016 (12th Dist.) (reversed)

In re Costlow, 2003-Ohio-5114, CA20033009 (12th Dist.) (Anders brief)

State v. Tolbert, 2002-Ohio-1309, CA200105012 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)

State v. Kidd, CA2001-11-021 (12th Dist.) (affirmed)